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In this post, I will give you a New edition pdf and ebook of Xananthar’s Guide To Everything Book, which is written by D&D Wizard.

It is an accessory for the 5th edition of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, and was published in the year 2017.

Inside of Xanathar’s Guide to Everything PDF

This guide acts as an addition to the latest edition of the Dungeon Master’s Guide and the Player’s Handbook.

Book Details

Book Name: Xanathar’s Guide to Everything.
Authors: Wizards RPG Team
Publication Date: November 15, 2017
Total Pages: 192

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This guide is also the expansion in the D&D that are providing the new rules and story options.

In this guide, you will find a veriety of options for both the players and Dungeon Masters same as there are in the Player’s Handbook, and also with that it also offers the marginalia by the Xanathar of Waterdeep.

Origins awards was also won by this guide in the year 2017 in the category of best role-playing game supplement and also in the fan favorite role-playing game supplement.

Beneath The Bustling City of Waterdeep, D a beholder crime lord keeps tabs on everyone and Everythings or so the beholder thinks, known as Xanathar, this bizarre being believes it can gather information on everything in the dungeon & Dragons multiverse.

The beholder desires to know it all! But no matter what the beholder learns and what treasures it acquires, its most prized possession in all the multi-verse remains its goldfish, sygar.

The first major role expansion to the fifth edition of D&D, Xanather might not be able to realize it’s dream to know everythings, but this book does delved into every major part of the game: adventure, and the magic they wield.

How To Using This Book?

Written for both players and Dungeon Masters, this book offers options to enhance campaign in any world, whether you’re adventuring in the Forgotten Realms, another official D&D setting, or a world of your own creation.

The options here build on one the official rules contained within The Player’s Handbook, The Monster Manual, and the Dungeon Master’s Guide.

Think of this book as the companion to those volumes.

It builds on their foundation, exploring pathways first laid in those publication.

Nothing herein is requried for a D&D campaign this is not a fourth core rulebook but we hope it will provide you new ways to enjoy the game.

Chapter:1 Offers characters option that expand on those offered in the Player’s Handbook.

Chapter:2 Is a tool kit for the DM that provides new resources for running the game and designing adventures, all of it building on the Monster Manual and the Dungeon Master’s Guide.

Chapter:3 Presents new spells for player characters and spellcasting monsters to unleash.

Appendix: A provides guidance on running a shared campaign, similar to the activities staged by the D&D Adventure League, and Appendix B contains a host of tables that allow you to quickly generate names for the characters in your D&D stories.

As you peruse the many option herein, you’ll come across observation from Xanathar itself.

Like the beholder’s roving mind, your reading will take you to places in the game familiar and new. May you enjoy the journey.