Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants PDF

Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants PDF: In this guide to the lands of giants in the Dungeons & Dragons worlds, Bigby the Great talks about his travels into the history, myth, and way of life of giants.

Here, Bigby and Diancastra, the demigod child of Annam, the All-Father of the Giants, tell the secrets of Annam’s powerful offspring.

There are a lot of character choices for players that have to do with giants. There is a subclass for barbarians, two backgrounds that have to do with giants and their runic magic, and feats that make you feel like a giant because of their strength and primal magic.

Dungeon Masters will get ideas for making giants come to life, like plans of places giants built and big new monsters, as well as huge treasures and interesting items in a giant’s bag.

Let Bigby and Diancastra tell you everything you need to know about D&D’s famous giants.

  • Explores parts of giant lore that haven’t been told before. It gives an overview of the ordering and giant religion’s hierarchical structure, as well as ideas about giant groups and societies across the multiverse.
  • Adds choices for player characters that have to do with giants. Adventurers can use a new barbarian subclass to evoke the glory of giants, use two new backgrounds to explore the vast world of giants, and unlock eight new feats to use runic magic and elemental power.
  • Shows off a beautiful collection of more than 30 magical things, including 3 famous artifacts.
    It gives Dungeon Masters a lot of tools, like lair maps, quest hooks, encounter tables, treasures, and ideas for giant roleplaying.

  • Gives a big list of animals. Monster stories, lore, and number blocks take up more than a third of the book. Find a thriving environment with new giant species, more than 70 new monsters, and other big animals.

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Book Name: Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants PDF
Authors: Wizards RPG Team
Publication Date: August 15, 2023
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Wizards of the Coast says that the book is “the definitive tome of giant gameplany in D&D.” It’s also like Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons, a D&D guide for the 5th edition that came out in October 2021. That book gave players and DMs a detailed look at everything dragon-related, like new races, spells, magic items, and ideas for adventures.

But while Treasury of Dragons was told by the strange Dragonlance wizard Fizban, Glory of the Giants is told by the famous D&D wizard Bigby and the giant demigoddess Diancastra.

The book is further broken out into the following chapters:

Chapter 1: Character Options: This will give players a lot of new choices, like the “path of the giant” subclass for Barbarians and the “Giant Foundling” and “Rune Carver” backgrounds. There will also be eight new feats in this part. Some of these parts were already out in the “Giant Options” Unearthed Arcana and were tried there.

Chapter 2: Giants in Play: In this part, there will be a section on roleplaying giants, and the history of giant society, religion, and the pantheon of gods, called the Ordning, will be expanded.

Chapter 3: Giant Adventures: This section will give DMs a variety of choices and tips for encounters, adventures, and DnD 5e campaigns that involve giants.

Chapter 4: Giant Enclaves: This page gives basic information on a number of places with giants, as well as several maps and ideas for adventures.
Chapter 5: Giant Treasures: This chapter describes 30 unique magic things that come from the world of giants. Among them are three new artefacts, one of which is linked to the giant god Annam, another to Diancastra, and the last to Bigby’s Benevolent Bracelet.

Chapter 6: Bestiary: In the last part of the book, there are stat blocks for more than 70 new monsters, such as death giants, gargantua, ettin variants, elemental hulks, undead giants, and even kaiju. It also has more information about Goliaths and Firbolgs, which are humanoids with giant bodies.